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Maintain growth momentum with SmartNet

Financial transactions are steadfastly going digital, and banks and other financial services are under tremendous pressure to cater to this fast-paced consumer adoption. The biggest hurdle they face is finding network support that is built for extreme availability, 100% uptime and low latency. Another massive concern is security for such companies, as even the smallest breach can compromise customer data and can result in the loss of millions of dollars.

Solution for the Problem  statement that the CIOs  are looking for

• The BFSI CIOs need digital infrastructure that is designed to  address the specific challenges faced by them. 
• It should be able to offer them:  
• Extreme reliability and availability  
• Scalability  
• Shortest latency  
• Security

Future-ready Network to Transform Your Business

BFSI companies need digital infrastructure that can offer 24X7 availability and that can always protect the business and customers. Bringing to you Lightstorm’s revolutionary solution, SmartNet.

Built for unprecedented scalability and security

A tailor-made solution, Lightstorm’s SmartNet is highly scalable and offers the flexibility to expand to high bandwidth instantaneously. With it, BFSI companies can quickly and easily scale from 10Gbps to multiple 100Gbps to 1Tbps of bandwidth whenever they want. Its secure and protocol-transparent connections are geared to provide end-to-end security of all sensitive data and the network infrastructure.

Network you can trust

When uptime is money, BFSI companies need a network that is highly reliable. Lightstorm’s SmartNet offers guaranteed 100% uptime and the shortest latencies connecting major data centers in the country. Moreover, it combines utility-grade fiber infrastructure and software-driven automation to deliver xScale connectivity at the speed of the cloud.

Ensure superior customer experience

SmartNet equips banks and other financial services to offer an unparalleled experience to their customers for all their banking needs. It also enables seamless, timely communication to all customer queries to ensure customer delight. This inevitably culminates into an increase in the usage of the bank’s digital infrastructure, leading to growth in revenue.

Gain a competitive edge with reliable, scalable and agile networks!

SmartNet provides CTOs with an inevitable solution that  enables the future of critical banking with secure and scalable  network infrastructure.  
• SmartNet network delivers seamless experience with extremely  low latency and 100% uptime, thus improving customer  experience. It is also geared to provide best-in-class security for  the data and the infrastructure.  
• Smartnet network provides flexibility to expand to high  bandwidth on immediate requirements. 
• Improved customer experience will lead to increase in the  usage of the bank’s digital infrastructure leading to growth in  revenue


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