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Types Of Industries

Current Challenges that  Hyperscalers Industry is  facing

• Hyperscalers require a high-performing network infrastructure because they need to provide a superior experience to the users to enhance customer engagement and prevent churn
•Low data tariffs and a significant drop in smartphone prices are leading to an increase in the popularity of digital products in India
• Even as their popularity increases, hyperscalers struggle to provide best-in-class network experience in India and other South-East Asian countries because of suboptimal network performance. The legacy networks were built for retail voice customers and not for always-on connectivity
• They are looking for solutions to better manage hybrid multi cloud environment and are looking for quality DC to DR connectivity
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Solution for the Problem statement that the CIOs  are looking for

• Extremely low latency, resilient and scalable network infrastructure, which is not possible with hardware-intensive monolithic legacy networks.
• Large Enterprise’s requirement of unprecedented visibility and control over the network to better manage and ensure performance delivery.

Bedare. Danera vaprerade. Decirong. Twittra. Demikemi yliga. Jade etnotion.
Hobbyepidemiolog bejorade. Ere pseudotrektiga. Bens sevat. Ede telen. Lelingar termokemi. Kvasira klimatmat.
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Value Proposition

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• Lightstorm is the only company in India offering low latency with a guarantee of 100% uptime. It uses utility-grade fiber for greater resiliency. Further, spine-leaf architecture and point-to point linear long-haul ensure the lowest latency.
• Lightstorm’s Smartnet is validated by many amongst the top Fortune 500 companies.
• Lightstorm offers direct access to Internet Exchanges which helps in bringing down application specific latencies accessed over internet.
• Provides secure and direct connection proposition with all the prominent clouds making it easy to provision.
• Lightstorm’s state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) provides real-time network statistics in the customer’s live connected circuits, allowing them to gain actionable insights into network operations and make better-informed
• connectivity decisions faster and more effectively.
• Lightstorm’s SPOG premium offering is first in the industry to provide real-time flap, latency measurement and Network performance.
• SmartNet allows enterprises to quickly and easily scale from 10Gbps to multiple 100Gbps to 1Tbps of bandwidth

What is in it for them

• Lightstorm’s SmartNet provides unmatched visibility in the  network allows them to monitor the network with transparency  and automation, which enables them to provide a superior  customer experience.  
• Secure and direct connections to all the leading public cloud  providers enabling them to quickly provision new requirement  as and when required. 
• The network offers dedicated connections ranging from 10Gbps  to multiple 100Gbps over hyperscale network


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By offering superior connectivity infrastructure, Lightstorm is empowering enterprises across Asia Pacific and the Middle East with hyperscale networking that accelerates growth and spurs innovation in the digital economy. A super-specialist in transport network services and super-automated cloud connectivity, Lightstorm bears deep project experience and strong global management capabilities. As a trusted partner of several Fortune 500 companies, Lightstorm is creating a robust foundation of digital infrastructure to create new sources of value and differentiation for businesses.
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