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Is your network built for the cloud era?

Media consumption is growing exponentially and has almost entirely gone digital. With audiences consuming news, entertainment and other updates online, media houses must migrate to the cloud for post-production, content storage, ease of work, and more. The growing popularity of video content has put unprecedented pressure on the networks.

This is leading to varied cloud migration and multi-cloud environment management challenges. Moreover, the culture of instant content demands a low latency and ultra-high speed network at all times which is not possible with legacy networks.

Drive efficiencies, engage better with SmartNet

To best leverage the power of the cloud, enterprises need a network designed especially for the digital ecosystem. Presenting Lightstorm’s disruptive solution SmartNet.
Resilient network : Lightstorm’s SmartNet is a one-of-a-kind solution that is designed to offer 100% uptime, low latency and high-speed network so that media businesses can always be on the ball. Moreover, it offers secure hosting and cloud infrastructure to create media contribution and distribution workflows through technology partners.

Flexibility and scalability :  The Indian media industry is valued at around $2729 billion in 2022 and is on its path to touching $5565 billion by 2030. Built and designed, especially for growth organizations, SmartNet offers all the tools needed to stay abreast of this projection, both in terms of new users and consumption per user.

Simplify Ease of management :  SmartNet is designed with the principles of simplicity, transparency, openness and control in the hands of the user. SmartNet makes managing a hybrid and multi-cloud network easy, intelligent and intuitive.

Futureproof your network with SmartNet

With pan-India service availability, we help in improving financial and  operational efficiency by reducing latency and have high SLA & uptime. Get access to high quality Media ecosystem that connects datacenters  & Clouds through high performance links (High BW) ensuring reliability. Modifications to the network doesn't take weeks – Quick, in minutes & self-serving. 


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By offering superior connectivity infrastructure, Lightstorm is empowering enterprises across Asia Pacific and the Middle East with hyperscale networking that accelerates growth and spurs innovation in the digital economy. A super-specialist in transport network services and super-automated cloud connectivity, Lightstorm bears deep project experience and strong global management capabilities. As a trusted partner of several Fortune 500 companies, Lightstorm is creating a robust foundation of digital infrastructure to create new sources of value and differentiation for businesses.
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